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All updates/changes/closures to our schedule will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages


Do I need flower cutting experience?

Absolutely not!! We are here to help and we want you to have fun, take your time, and enjoy all that Willow Tree Flower Market has to offer.

Yes. With the current Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing is required. We will be in accordance with our state’s Covid-19 regulations.

Is there a limited number of people allowed on the flower farm?

What if I have a bee allergy?

Please take extreme caution, we don’t anticipate any bee/hornet stings however, there are a lot of pollinators on the farm and there is always a chance.

Do I need to bring my own flower scissors?

That is not necessary! We will be providing professional garden clippers that will be sanitized between customers. However, if you have a favorite pair that you would like to use, you can absolutely bring them! We are not responsible for lost or misplaced items.

Thank you! Sadly, not at this time. We love our goats but the backyard is their oasis and the flower farm is located in the front of our property.

Your goats are so cute! Are we able to visit them?

Should I bring my swimsuit?

No. There is a pond nearby but please be considerate of the fence line to keep everyone safe. The pond is closed to the public.

Girl holding wild flowers
Please be sure to tag us in all of your flower photos! @willowtreeflowermarket

Everyone is welcome to tour the flowers that we have worked so incredibly hard on for you to enjoy, please be respectful of the farm and our personal property.

Are children and babies welcome?

Of course!! We are a family friendly flower farm and children and babies are always welcome! Please keep in mind that strollers may be difficult to maneuver through the flower beds.

Where should I park?

Our driveway is located off of Kipp Road, on the south side. Please follow our parking signs.

Are pets allowed?

We have children, dogs, and goats and this is their safe haven. Please contact us if you have a service animal.

Helpful Information


for your cut flowers
Girl with sunglasses
our field is full sun
Water bottle
stay hydrated!
Girl holding vase
Boy holding magnifying glass, leaf and bug
with flowers come lots of bugs!
Mud boots, rain boots
Butterfly net and butterflies
What to bring



Additional buckets and pricing available upon request

Cash or Venmo accepted

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