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At Willow Tree Flower Farm, we want you to slow down and take a deep breath. Forget about everything else that is going on in your life for just a sliver of time and enjoy the moment you are in. Take it all in and imagine yourself barefoot, lying on a blanket underneath a majestic willow tree, the warm sun on your cheeks, and the sound of birds chirping in the distance. Can you smell the flowers around you? Take notice of all of their intricate, perfectly designed petals. There is so much beauty all around us and we want to be able to share this little piece of our heart with you. We truly hope you love our fresh flowers but we also hope you are able to take home a little extra love and serenity when you leave our farm, as well.

letters of admiration



"Lindsey has always been that bright-eyed little girl searching for a purpose. She would be considered our "crazy child." Who else could take on homeschooling 4 children, a puppy, and 4 goats, all in the matter of months? She can, and she does it with such ambition and grace. She is the oldest of three and when she gets together with her sister and brother, God only knows what can happen. It is a well-known fact that she cannot tell a joke so when she tries, it ends up being funnier than the punchline. But like everything else, she keeps trying.


She is very loyal to her friends and family and she goes out of her way to make them feel loved and important. Life, for her, is centered around her family and her faith. She strives to make a better life for her children and show them how to find joy in every day. Taking on this endeavor with her is like a dream come true. I always wanted to work with flowers and doing this alongside this crazy, little girl is so exciting. It feels scary at times, but with her grit and strength, something good is bound to happen and I am so happy to be a part of this."

love you so much,



​"I have always admired my mom ever since I was a little girl. I wanted to grow up and be just like her. I even followed in her footsteps to become a nurse and strived to always be as empathetic, compassionate, and loving as she is. What continues to impress me is the way she respects and laughs at my dads silly jokes, how she unconditionally loves all of her children and makes us all feel so special, how dedicated and loyal she is to her entire family, and the love she carries with her and extends towards everyone she meets. She works so hard, makes me laugh, inspires me, is great company, and I am so grateful to be doing this flower farm alongside my best friend. 

Love you, Mom."

XO Lindsey


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